August 16, 2017

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7 Ways to Update your Home for Fall Without Breaking the Bank

September 5, 2017

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7 Ways to Update your Home for Fall Without Breaking the Bank

It's that hectic time of year again.  Back to school, back from vacations, back to reality!  As the cooler weather hits, time spent outside is moved inside and if you're anything like us, finding the same amount of enjoyment inside in the fall isn't as easy as outside in the summer!


We've compiled a list of some budget-friendly ways to help make your inside living areas that much more enjoyable:


1.  Update your toss-cushions & throw blankets














Update your bright and light cushions and blankets to darker tones and heavier fabrics to create that cozy, lived-in feel.  Opt for soft fabrics with some texture, mix and matching sizes and colours.  Remember, you can never have too many pillows or blankets that are too soft!


2.  Swap out citronella for pumpkin spice














Good bye mosquitoes!!  Toss those bright coloured citronellas for another year and stock up on fall scented candles.  Try something along the lines of pumpkin spice, vanilla, or chai.  Not only will you instantly feel calm when you light one of these, you will also completely change the feel of your home.  Suddenly inspired to bake pies, drink tea, and making chili?  Yeah, us too.


3.  Update your LED light bulbs









It's hard to believe how much influence LIGHT has on our moods, activity levels, attentiveness, and overall lifestyle.  Light can be manipulated to help us enhance the way we feel simply by selecting lighting with the right colour temperature.  Studies show that opting for a cooler (whiter) light helps with season changes.  Using cooler coloured lighting during the day may help prevent or reduce feelings of depression and anxiety.  However, if you're looking to cozy up a living space such as a bedroom, living room, or basement, try warmer (yellow) light.  Play around with bulbs and colours until you find the perfect match to set whatever mood you're trying to create.


4.  Clean out the fridge












Okay, who else made a summer commitment to eat healthy everyday and stocked up on every veggie imaginable?  And, who else decided wine and barbecues were a better diet.  Fall means heartier meals, packing school lunches, and baking (yay!).  Get rid of all of those poor wilted spinach leaves, and make room for root veggies, fresh herbs, and left overs.  Also take this time to consider meal planning and meal prepping.  Not only will this help you feel less guilty when you eat that entire apple crisp, it will also help with time management - which means more time to cuddle up in those new cushions and blankets.


5.  ORGANIZERS!  From kitchens to laundry rooms to closets